Hey friends,

Are You Questioning About The Meaning Of EduNaissance? It Means The Renaissance Of Education. Pretty Cool, Right?

EduNaissance is an online k12 school that provides local and international students with maths, website designing, financial quotient, ESLs, etc.

Additionally, we provide online learning platform construction and maintenance for North America and Asia areas at an affordable price.

What we do

We brings online Maths, ESLs, Financial Quotient, Website Designing, Coding (R/Python), Creative Crafts, Etc. to local and international K12 education needs as well as international students services.

Web Design

Starting from selecting a hosting to publishing a finished multipage website, including the portal registration, we embedded all the above into the Web Design course.

Creative Art

We teach not only Creative Crafts but also Creative Art in the Creative Crafts class.


We teach kids in coding with R and Python.


Maths Courses are our sound class, and students get rewards on attending different contests, such as Caribou, AMC, and Waterloo.

Financial Quotient

We teach kids from the concepts of savings and spending to investing, including online trading on our self-owned stock trading simulator.


We provide remote ESLs credit courses to international students for them to learn English literacy by staying in their homeland.

Free Class!

Creative Crafts (Grade 1-4 and Grade 5-8) is free to enrol now!

All materials have to be prepared by the students or parents individually. We will provide a material list in the announcement of the class and should send you a copy into your registered email.

Fun and hands on

Students will make crafts from their hands, following the little hearts and the teacher's guidance.

Target Directed And Tasked

Students will be guided a target and have to reach the target step by step.

Performing And Story Telling

Students may make a story and perform it if time is available after finishing the craft.

We are doing online but more than online.

It is challenging for a learning centre like EduNaissance to start online education by owning a self-managed (expansion unlimited) hosting and integrating all of the platforms (classrooms, school dash, simulator, community, and self enrolment). Since we made it, we can apply it to the community at a lower cost, and the most important is that we can teach our students with all of our knowledge and experiences for doing the online infrastructure.

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Art is for knowing where aesthetics from and how to find it.

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Literacy is a standard for the human being to learn from the old and build the present.

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Math is a structure, and nothing else, but anything can be simplified with.

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Coding and programming are how our world is translated and rebuilt behind the screen.

Some Insights

We are not the lovers of only online geeks, we are actually preparing a partially in-person homelike place to welcome everyone.

Simultaneous Learning

What peoples say about us

If you like, please say it loudly. If you are unsatisfied, we will take it seriously and find a way to do it better.

“I learnt and am still learning here.”
A math girl
“I do not know why, I just want to take a class or two at EduNaissance.”
Mr. Boy
“Only in EduNaissance, I may challenge grade 8 math when I am still going to grade 7 in the public school.”
I am a talent