财商 - 2022 年春季

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

财商(FQ,Financial Quotient) (FQ), sometimes also referred to as financial intelligence (FI), financial intelligence quotient (FIQ) or financial IQ, is the ability to obtain and manage one’s wealth by understanding how money works. The current education system emphasizes children’s intelligence quotient and emotional quotient but lacks focus on financial quotient. Considering primary school students’ thinking characteristics and acceptance capability, the class integrates financial enlightenment education into stock market simulator games, which helps cultivate children’s awareness of wealth, develop their attitude toward wealth and improve their financial trading experiences. Real-time trading games will help children build the elementary knowledge of economy and finance in life, try finding practical trading solutions of actual issues in the stock market, and further cultivate good habits of automatic planning and self-management, and broad market sense and managing money wisely.

Also, at EduNaissance, the students from Financial Quotient classes showed a solid ability to understand the market by collecting, organizing, and analyzing public information. Most of them expressed impressive self-confidence in facing a complicated situation to estimate market trends and submit orders.


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